How does this work?
If you want to give your kids a bedtime story starring themselves, or get one of their stories illustrated, or get one of their drawings adapted into a new story, you've come to the right place! This isn't like those other comic book maker services that just plug your kids' name into an existing story. We will make an all new storybook, written and illustrated to order by professional artists. We can even make irreverent storybooks for adults, or instead of giving that graduate in your family another copy of "Oh the Places You'll Go", we can make an all new story about them and their future. Just fill in the form above, and we'll contact you to choose a deadline, select an artist, and make payment arrangements. Once we receive your payment, we'll get started!

How long will this take?
The time frame depends on order volume, and the amount of research your book requires, but if you need it by a certain date, such as a birthday or anniversary gift, please let us know when submitting your request.

What kind of printing do you offer?
No photocopied and stapled printing here, folks. Our books are professionally printed by Lulu.com, and would look right at home in any bookstore. We offer substantial discounts if you order in bulk.

Do I get to approve each stage of the process?
We will sumbit the script for the story to you for approval before we start illustrating. However, once illustrations are done, they will not be redone. If there is a mistake, or a spelling error, we will make quick fixes, but if you want changes to the book that will require redrawing or anything, we will have to negotiate a fair fee to do the extra work.

What if I'm interested in something that isn't mentioned or offered here?
Just e-mail or call, and we'll give you a quote!