How does this work?
Our team of artists can create illustrations for whatever you need! A portrait to hang on your wall, a faux comic book cover featuring your significant other as a superhero, a t-shirt design, a mascot for your business.... whatever you can dream up, we can create! Use the order form above to get a quote, and submit it to us. Once we recieve your concept, I'll contact you to set a deadline, choose an artist, and make payment arrangements. As soon as we recieve your payment, we'll start drawing your illustration!

How long will this take?
The time frame depends on order volume, and the complexity of your illustration, but if you need it by a certain date, such as a birthday or anniversary gift, please let us know when submitting your request.

What kind of printing do you offer?
We'll deliver the illustration as a high resolution file that you can take to your local print shop. Or, if your interested, we can have full size posters, or prints delivered to you for an extra fee. We can even have your design printed on greeting cards, postcards, stickers, magnets, buttons, or t-shirts. If you're feeling extra creative, we can even get custom skateboards, shoes, or neckties printed. When you order, let us know if you are interested, and we can provide you with a quote.

What is the deal with rights?
Each illustration comes with the full, nonexclusive rights to publish it wherever you want, even if you make a billion dollars off of it. You can make copies, post it online, sell it to a major publisher, whatever you like. But the artist can also publish the illustration, either on their site, in their portfolio, or in a book. If you're interested in exclusive rights, just let us know.

Do I get to approve each stage of the process?
The production process of custom illustrations is set up to get work done fast, and cheap. This means that the fee you pay does not include changes or redos. We will make certain that the illustration is of high quality, and fits all of the parameters we discussed prior to starting work. The finished product is sent "as-is". If there is a mistake, or a spelling error, we will make quick fixes, but if you want changes that will require redrawing or anything, we will have to negotiate a fair fee to do the extra work.

Do I need to make all those decisions up front?
Not at all. I understand that you may want to wait and see the final product before you decide what you want to do with it! If at any time after recieving your illustration, you want to add color, or order additional printed copies or products, you can let us know!

What if I'm interested in something that isn't mentioned or offered here?
If you have an idea, we can help bring it to life! Just e-mail or call, and we'll give you a quote!