How does this work?
Whether you want a personalized love song for your significant other, a theme song for your podcast, or a professional arrangement of a song you've written yourself, the Cartoon Commune can hook you up. Just fill out the form above, and we'll get back to you at once! Once we finalize plans and recieve the payment, we'll start work on your custom song.

What is included??
The basic custom song is performed by our staff musician and can include the following instruments: guitar, bass, synthesizers, saxophone, flute, vocals, piano, and clarinet. If you would like an alternate vocalist (such as a female singer) or additional instrumentalists, there is an additional $50 fee per track.

How long will this take?
The time frame depends on order volume, but if you need it by a certain date, such as a birthday or anniversary gift, please let us know when submitting your request. We will agree on a deadline before finalizing plans.

What is the deal with rights?
Custom songs can be used for any noncommercial purposes by both you and the artist. If you wish to secure commercial or exclusive rights, please let us know.

Do I get to approve each stage of the process?
We will send you a copy of the lyrics for approval prior to recording. Once the lyrics are okayed, we will record a quality song fulfilling all of your requests. Once the final song is finished, it is sent as is. If you wish to make changes, we will agree on a fair fee to rerecord the track.

What if I'm interested in something that isn't mentioned or offered here?
Just e-mail or call, and we'll give you a quote!